Sunday 22nd March-”Spirit in Nature”led by Mike Rutter

“Spirituality is often seen as a matter of having to transcend Nature, the human body and emotions, and life in this world generally. However, many traditions, including the European Romantic movement, see Spirit as vitally involved in Nature and humanity, so that life evolves within this world to reach a state of ultimate enlightenment which benefits all embodied living creatures. The Spirit within Nature is then seen as a source of artistic and mystical inspiration on the path, by means of the creative imagination.”
Join us for a shorter than usual service starting at 10.30. It will be followed by our Annual General Meeting

Sunday 8th March – Does charity begin at home? Led by Sheila Cass

Sheila says “My theme is social justice which seems a basic tenet of most religions. But, just how far are we meant to go? Do we have a wider responsibility? I’ll be using an interesting case study: an example of the kind of person a politician might have had in mind when he said, ” I don’t want celebrities. I want heroes! “”
Starts 10.30 am. Everybody welcome.