Sunday 26th April- ‘Food for Thought’

Tom Grimshaw will conduct a service entitled ‘Food for thought’, which will speak of the variety of moods which might make us ask ‘Stop the world, I want to get off’
In more traditional language it harks back to the text painted on the wall of the original chapel,’They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength’ There will be many questions for which you will search for the answers which best fit your Sunday.
Everybody welcome. Starts 10.30am

Church Founders – Are your ancestors here?

While fossicking in the church safe I found the original Record book of the church. This lists the Trustees appointed on 3rd May 1901 who I think must be our Founding Fathers. Its written in cursive script so I cant make it all out but I wonder if any of these people were your ancestors or you know a bit more about them. We’d love to know!

Robert Cardwell Law- 79 Harriet St

Arthur Edwin Piggott- The Alders, Chinley

Dendy Agate? The Parsonage Altrincham

George Hyffield? Leigh- Moorfield Swinton

Charles Roper – London

Christopher J Street  64 Crescent Rd Sheffield

Geo W Rayner Wood –Singleton Nr Manchester

Edward George Hillier- Gasholme? Wilbraham Rd, Alex Park

George Henry Hurst- Sandy Lane Chorlton c Hardy

Robert Garston Law- 79 Harriet Street

Henry Pilling- Blackburn

James Ruddle- 6 The Green C-c-H

Edgar Javiart? Scholes-47 Keppel K C-c-H

Robert Herman Sorensen- Houvill? Bank? Whaley Bridge

Charles Herbert Junior?- Haysleigh Gt Trafford