Sunday 31st May. Cafe Church.

 Change, inevitable but difficult? or a godsend? Come and join us for an informal gathering round cafe tables. Discussion, music, poetry and prose on the subject of change.What would you like to change in your life?
Everybody welcome. Starts 10.30 am.Finish about 11.30.To be followed by a Spiritual Walk with Mary Crumpton (weather permitting)

Sunday 17th May- Looking back to Move Forward

Jackie McTaggert leads a service on the St Theresa of Avila, a nun of the Carmelite Order in 16th century Spain.
St Theresa was born 500 years ago in 1515 and wrote many books about the importance of prayer, contemplation and self examination. Jackie will explore how this radical holy woman of her time is hugely relevant today and how in looking back we may be helped to move forward.
Everybody welcome. Starts 10.30am

Sunday 3rd May Developing Dialogue-Led by Julie Wolstenholme.

We live in a society divided by debate. We urgently need a society that makes greater use of dialogue.

There is a difference between “debate” and “dialogue”. In a debate, the atmosphere is usually threatening, with interruptions expected. The participants express unwavering commitment to their own point of view. There is often a great deal of heat but little light.
In a dialogue, by contrast, the atmosphere is more exploratory, where participants express uncertainties as well as deeply held beliefs, and where the participants listen to, understand and gain insight from others.
(Conflict Resolution Network)

Come along and bask in the light of dialogue this Sunday.Starts 10.30am Everyone welcome.