Sunday 21st June: Fathers Day.

We’ve all had them. Good or bad. This Sunday we honour those who have fathered us whether related by blood or not and consider the fathering we have done.Led by Rev Nicky Jenkins. Everyone welcome Starts 10.30am.

Forgive Me
By Jay Wolin

Forgive me dear father
For all the trouble I caused
The missed curfews
The missed classes
Your unfulfilled dreams for me
Forgive me dear father
But your dreams are not my dreams
Forgive me dear father
And I will forgive you
For missed moments
That you sacrificed
So that one day
I could follow my dreams
Forgive me my son
For whatever errors
I have made
Forgive me my son
For what I did not know
Know that I sacrificed
So that one day
you could follow your dreams
May all our failings
From generation to generation
Lead one day to wisdom
But until then
We will always have love.
Maybe that is wisdom enough

Sunday June 14th -Fantasy and Reality

Mark Hutchinson will lead a service exploring fantasy and reality.
Seeing prayer as the transformative link between the two, the service will touch on the forthcoming summer solstice
merging the real and the fantastic in celebration .Everybody welcome. Starts 10.30am

Sunday 7th June. Welcoming the Soul

The Soul can be like a wild animal, easily frighted.To hear it and be with it we need to quieten down the blizzard of doingness that surrounds us and sit quietly to see if it will approach.Rev Nicky Jenkins leads the service. Everybody welcome. Starts 10.30am