Sunday May 1st – Spirituality: Progress not Perfection.

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A journey through the rainbow of our spiritual connections and its changes.
Examining the idea of progress and not perfection in our spiritual path.
Introducing the concept of the Rope of Hope :

Bring every strand and every colour of your spiritual rainbow and let us entwine each strand and as it gathers in strength we may even build a bridge .
Perhaps the start of a Rope of Hope movement.
Led by Mark Hutchinson entwining commences 10.30 am

Touching the Spirit

An informal spiritual gathering returning for its third season.
Arrive when you wish, some just come for the silent meditation .
730 Listening thought cards for us to reflect on the thoughts of others.
800 Readings and discussion inspired by the first 30 minutes.
830 Silent meditation.
850 Closing Words
This is an alternative spiritual gathering allowing listening, discussion and silent time. Come touch your spirit, donations only. Open to allCandle-300x254

Friday, March 18, 2016- Letting Go Celebration : 

7:00 PM
Chorlton Unitarians, behind Regency Court flats
Regency Court, Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9LB

For the big and little things in your life . Embrace 45 minutes of music, readings, silence and the all important Letting Go Ceremony.
Make this monthly ritual part of your Letting Go process .
Donations only .

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Sunday 17th – From Om to Awen

Music is a universal language and all religious traditions include some kind of sacred vocal sounds. Studies have shown that singing or chanting have many physical and psychological benefits. We will be exploring a selection of chants, mantras and simple sacred songs. Singing expertise not necessary! Led by Laura Dobson Starts 10.30am Everybody welcome.

Chorlton Unitarian Church's photo.