Friday 29 July: Letting Go Celebration

In this increasingly tumultuous world it is more important than ever to let go of big and little things that are restricting our lives and our spiritual growth.

Embrace 45 minutes of music, readings, silence and the opportunity to seek release with our Letting Go Ceremony.

Make this monthly ritual part of your Letting Go process.

Led by Mark Hutchinson.

Starts at 7 pm.


Tuesday 26 July – Touching the Spirit

This is an alternative spiritual gathering allowing listening, discussion and silent time. Led by Mark Hutchinson. Starts at 7.30 pm.

Arrive when you wish, some just come for the silent meditation.

19:30 Listening thought cards for us to reflect on the thoughts of others

20:00 Readings and discussion inspired by the first 30 minutes

20:30 Silent meditation

20:50 Closing Words

Sunday 24 July – Journey to the Source

Led by Mike Rutter. Starts at 10.30 am. Everyone welcome.

If Life is a journey, we can explore the course of the river out towards the sea, or trek back along it in search of the headwaters or the ultimate source. Many religions speak of this latter in terms of metaphor and imagery – Nature, God, Goddess, Spirit, the Absolute, the Atman, the Tao, the Buddha-nature from which all things arise, but we may get swamped or bogged down with a flood of traditional doctrines and teaching, possibly now out of date or inappropriate to modern life, and fear sinking beneath the storm of differing opinions! So, is it possible for us to plumb the well of Truth for ourselves in quiet solitude, drawing on a spring of wisdom welling up in our hearts to eternal life? As the Summer weather and the political climate outside heat up, it may be nice to enjoy a cool draught in shady seclusion.


Tuesday 19 July – Lectio Divina


We read a piece of spiritual writing and reflect on what speaks to us. As we repeat the reading, experience those onion layers peeling back and see what your spirit feels. Led by Sheila Cass. All welcome. Starts 7.30 pm.


Sunday 10 July – summer suns are glowing


As we prepare for annual holidays we will celebrate the seasonal delights of the everyday.  For a man or woman without wonder is like a pair of spectacles behind which there are no eyes.  It can be a wonderful world.

Led by Tom Grimshaw. Everybody welcome. Starts 10.30 a.m.