Sunday 4 September – Unitarian Spiritual Life

With no doctrine, creed or disciplines to follow, what guidance does Unitarianism offer to us to motivate and inspire us to live a spiritual life and make changes we might want to bring about in ourselves and in the world?

Led by Julie Wolstenholme.  Starts 10.30 am.  All welcome.

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Tuesday 30 August – Walking the Labyrinth

The labyrinth is an ancient archetypal symbol of the spiritual path.

Walking the labyrinth can be a personal journey of discovery and exploration, allowing us to be open to divine/inner guidance.  You may find you release worries or obstacles on the way in, receive insights and inspiration at the centre, and return uplifted and rejuvenated.

We will experience walking the labyrinth both together and alone. We will also use a finger labyrinth, for those for whom a walking meditation is not suitable.

After the meditation we will reflect on the practice and have the chance to discuss our experience with others.

Led by Laura Dobson.  Starts 7.30 pm.  All welcome.


Friday 26 August – Letting Go

In this increasingly tumultuous world it is more important than ever to let go of big and little things that are restricting our lives and our spiritual growth.

Embrace 45 minutes of music, readings, silence and the opportunity to seek release with our Letting Go Ceremony.

Make this monthly ritual part of your Letting Go process.

Led by Mark Hutchinson.

Starts at 7 pm.

All welcome.


Tuesday 23 August – Touching the Spirit

Join us for an informal, alternative spiritual gathering allowing listening, discussion and silent time.

Arrive when you wish, some just come for the silent meditation.

19:30 Listening thought cards for us to reflect on the thoughts of others.

20:00 Readings and discussion inspired by the first 30 minutes.

20:30 Silent meditation.

20:50 Closing Words

Come touch your spirit.

Led by Mark Hutchinson.  All welcome.


Sunday 21 August – Freedom and Offence

A quote from a young You Tuber :

“The world’s social zeitgeist needs to evolve collectively before we are able to sort our problems out.”

Bring the special snowflake in you, hear of the new word Trumputin and examine your spiritual position within the framework of Freedom and Offence.

Led by Mark Hutchinson.  Starts at 10.30 am.  All Welcome.


Friday 12 August – Singing Meditation

Join us for an evening of simple song chants from a variety of world traditions interspersed with periods of meditative silence. This is a simple practice that anyone can engage with. You do not need to be an experienced meditator or singer. In fact many people who thought that either singing or meditation was beyond them have found their voice and their space in this simple joy filled time together.

Led by Danny Crosby.  All welcome.  Starts 7 pm.