Sunday 2 October – Hidden Depths

We are often told, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” – or, presumably, a Universe by the part that is evident to our everyday senses; it may have hidden depths. Scientists talk of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Psychologists mention the Creative Unconscious, and Mystics refer to the World Soul or Absolute lying beneath the conventional surface of life that we experience. Dreams, Meditation, and Inspiration may be our guides to the Hidden Depths of Reality. Perhaps there is more to things than meets the eye!

Led by Mike Rutter.  Starts at 10.30 am.  All welcome.

hidden depths

Friday 30 September – Letting Go

In this increasingly tumultuous world it is more important than ever to let go of big and little things that are restricting our lives and our spiritual growth.

Embrace 45 minutes of music, readings, silence and the opportunity to seek release with our Letting Go Ceremony.

Make this monthly ritual part of your Letting Go process.

Starts at 7 pm. All welcome.


Sunday 25 September – Harvest Festival

Join us for our harvest festival celebrations as we give thanks for all the gifts in our lives and consider how we may experience the equilibrium of the equinox.

What have we harvested this year? What do we need to retain to nourish us through the winter? What are we holding on to that is not nourishing? Can we separate the wheat from the chaff and discard that which no longer serves us?

The service will include a collection of non-perishable food items for the local homeless charity, Barakah Food Aid.

Led by Laura Dobson.  Starts 10.30 am.  All welcome.



Friday 23 September – Earth Spirit Circle – celebrating Autumn Equinox

A new group to celebrate the wheel of the year – this evening we will be celebrating Mabon / Alban Elfed: 
We will welcome autumn at the equinox, give thanks for our harvest and consider balance in our lives, with guided meditation, simple earth chants, poetry and more. 
Please feel free to bring your own songs, poems or other readings, circle dances, etc. to share with the group. 
Led by Laura Dobson.  Starts 7pm.  All welcome.


Tuesday 20 September – Lectio Divina

Based on the practice of lectio divina (reading, reflecting, responding, remaining) we read a piece of spiritual writing. As we repeat the reading, experience those onion layers peeling back and see what speaks to your spirit.

Led by Sheila Cass. Starts 7.30 pm.  All welcome.



Sunday 18 September – Life, the Universe and Everything

Is the answer to the Big Questions really “42″, as in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, or is there more involved?

The X-files postulated that “The Truth is Out There”, but as Unitarians perhaps we should say that “The Truth is In Here”.

Dreams, Inspirations, and Meditations have always suggested, to mystics and ordinary people alike, that there is more to Life, the Universe, and Everything than we normally recognise. Part of our purpose in being here may to explore these issues for ourselves.

Led by Mike Rutter.  Starts 10.30 am.  All welcome.


Friday 16 September – Singing Meditation

Join us for an evening of simple song chants from a variety of world traditions interspersed with periods of meditative silence.

This is a simple practice that anyone can engage with. No singing or meditation experience necessary.

Many people who thought that either singing or meditation was beyond them have found their voice and their space in this joy filled time together.

Led by Laura Dobson.  Starts 7 pm.  All welcome.



Tuesday 13 September – Simply Meditation

Join us for an exploration of some very straightforward, basic meditations for use in daily life.
Most of us have times when we need to relax, centre, and come back to our natural selves, away from the stress and clutter of daily living.
Several practical techniques, such as breath mindfulness, candle gazing, and open awareness of space, will be introduced and worked through, in stages, with opportunities to get to know the practice and discuss our reactions with others.
No previous experience of meditation is assumed.
Led by Mike Rutter.  Starts 7.30 pm. All welcome.