Sunday 4 December – Advent

Tom will share various reflections on the season, expressed by John A Taylor: If there were no Advent we would need to invent it. Advent is a time of anticipation and as long as we expect, as long as we hope, someone will light a candle against  the prevailing darkness – and neither  the winds of hate nor the gales of evil will extinguish it.
Led by Tom Grimshaw.  Starts 10.30 am.  All welcome.


Sunday 27 November – So great a mystery

“We gaze up at the same stars; the sky covers us all; the same universe encompasses us. Does it matter what practical system we adopt in our search for the Truth? The heart of so great a mystery cannot ever be reached by following one road only.” (A quotation from Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, 345 – 402 CE, a Roman Senator who was a Pagan at a time when Christianity was rapidly becoming the official religion.) Possibly today he would have been a Unitarian! Come and share our (differing) views on the Divine Mystery.

Led by Mike Rutter.  Starts 10.30 am.  All welcome.


Friday 25 November – Letting Go

In this increasingly tumultuous world it is more important than ever to let go of big and little things that are restricting our lives and our spiritual growth.

Embrace 45 minutes of music, readings, silence and the opportunity to seek release with our Letting Go Ceremony.

Make this monthly ritual part of your Letting Go process.

Led by Mark Hutchinson.  Starts 7 pm.  All welcome.


Friday 11 November – Sound Bath with Angela Cooper

Immerse yourself in the healing sound vibrations of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. Enjoy this unique experience to relax your body and mind, lift your spirits and recharge your energy centres.
Please bring something to lie on (e.g. yoga mat) and something to wrap yourself in (e.g. blanket).
Starts at 7 pm. All welcome.


Tuesday 8 November – Simply Meditation

An exploration of some very straightforward, basic meditations for use in daily life. 
Most of us have times when we need to relax, centre, and come back to our natural selves, away from the stress and clutter of daily living. 
Several practical techniques, such as breath mindfulness, candle gazing, and open awareness of space, will be introduced and worked through, in stages, with opportunities to get to know the practice and discuss our reactions with others. 
No previous experience of meditation is assumed. 
Led by Mike Rutter. All welcome.