Sunday 29 April – Beltane / May Day cafe church

Join us for a very informal, family friendly, cafe church style service.  We will celebrate the fertility of the earth and our own creativity by making a May Day mandala together from natural, seasonal objects.  Refreshments will be provided.

Led by Laura Dobson. Starts 10.30 am. All welcome.


Friday 27 April: Earth Spirit Circle – Beltane

Join our informal gathering to celebrate Beltane, the Celtic fire festival of fertility. We will connect with the energies of the season, love and creativity, and celebrate with poetry, music, guided meditation, circle dancing and more. Please feel free to bring poems, songs, etc. to share with the group. After the circle celebration we will share food.

Led by Laura Dobson. Starts 7pm. All welcome.


Sunday 22 April – Trees of Wisdom, Trees of Life

Trees unite Heaven and Earth – they draw up the water from the ground and capture the light from the sun, to give both food and oxygen to the rest of the living world, as was first discovered by the Unitarian chemist Joseph Priestley (1733 – 1804). In addition, trees are universal symbols of wisdom and life in the great spiritual traditions, from the Garden of Eden in Genesis to the Norse Yggdrasil, from Shamanism to Taoism, uniting the energies of Spirit and Matter. They may thus symbolise the union of our personal and higher selves in our daily practice – ‘Tree for two, and two for Tree’ perhaps?

Led by Mike Rutter. Starts 10.30 am. All welcome.


Tuesday 17 April – Singing meditation

Join us for an uplifting evening of simple song chants from a variety of world traditions interspersed with periods of meditative silence. No experience of singing or meditation required. The acoustics in the space are simply wonderful. All welcome to join in or just to listen and soak up the relaxing atmosphere. Please feel free to bring simple song chants to share with the group.

Led by Laura Dobson. Starts 7.30 pm. All welcome.




Sunday 15 April – Bringing back the GA

Inspiration from the annual meetings of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, which took place last week – including sharing what keynote speaker Paul Rasor thinks Unitarianism has to offer a world in spiritual crisis.

In the light of the recent escalation of international conflict, we will also be offering prayers for peace.

Led by Laura Dobson. Starts 10.30 am. All welcome.



Tuesday 10 April – Art meditation

This meditation session is designed to help you connect with your creative nature. We were designed to be the true expression of ourselves, in divine light and filled with the love of God. This is something that we may struggle to connect with and release. During the session you will be able to build on your confidence to express through art. Taken through prayer and a guided meditation, you will be able to clear your mind and open up to creativity. This is not a form of therapy but an opportunity to be inspired by the divine.

Led by Diane Maccabe. Starts 7.30 pm. All welcome.

art meditation

Tuesday 3 April – the pool in the forest meditation

If the outer world overwhelms us, we can always withdraw to our own inner world, the forest of our thoughts, feelings, and inspirations. Deep within that forest is a pool, fed by an underground stream. When the ripples on the pool die down, it reflects the sky in silent contemplation. Meditation is the key to this silent pool within our hearts. Om Shanti.

Led by Mike Rutter. Starts 7.30 pm. All welcome.