Tuesday 29 May – Simply Meditation

Join us for an exploration of some very straightforward, basic meditations for use in daily life. Most of us have times when we need to relax, centre, and come back to our natural selves, away from the stress and clutter of daily living. Several practical techniques, such as breath mindfulness, candle gazing, and open awareness of space, will be introduced and worked through, in stages, with opportunities to get to know the practice and discuss our reactions with others. No previous experience of meditation is assumed.

Led by Mike Rutter. Starts 7.30 pm. All welcome.


Sunday 27 May – Anger

What use is anger? Why get all worked up? What’s the point?
Anger is an emotion that can lead to a real sense of being ungrounded. Let’s find a way to regroup and reconnect with our essence to use this emotion for positive change!

Led by Sue Cockerill and Sheila Cass. Starts 10.30 am. All welcome.


Sunday 20 May – Whit Sunday

On Whit Sunday we will reflect on the words of Albert Schweitzer, “Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.”

Led by Tom Grimshaw. Starts 10.30 am. All welcome.

Albert Schweitzer

Tuesday 15 May – Singing meditation

Join us for an uplifting evening of simple song chants from a variety of world traditions interspersed with periods of meditative silence. No experience of singing or meditation required. The acoustics in the space are simply wonderful. All welcome to join in or just to listen and soak up the relaxing atmosphere. Please feel free to bring simple song chants to share with the group.

Led by Laura Dobson. Starts 7.30 pm. All welcome.


Sunday 13 May – Ramadan

“When Ramadan arrives, Heaven’s gates are opened, Hell’s gates are closed and the demons are chained up.” Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Ramadan starts next week. During this month, most Muslims observe a fast, refraining from eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset. There is much more to Ramadan than physical fasting. Join us to explore the principles and practices of Ramadan, including gratitude, social justice, hospitality and community.

Led by Laura Dobson. Starts 10.30 am. All welcome.


Tuesday 8 May – Taize gathering

Join us for a short candle-lit gathering of songs, silence, prayer and readings, featuring beautiful chants inspired by the mystical contemplative tradition.

Led by Laura Dobson. Starts 7.30 pm. All welcome.


Sunday 6 May – Needs and wants

We live in a world of expanding divide between those who have more than they need, and those who don’t have enough. We can see this in our own country. There is enough to meet people’s needs, but not their wants. In this service let us explore how not meeting needs creates more want and how we might influence a transition in our own lives and the lives of others.

Led by Eve Cunningham. Starts 10.30 am. All welcome.




Tuesday 1 May – the pool in the forest meditation

If the outer world overwhelms us, we can always withdraw to our own inner world, the forest of our thoughts, feelings, and inspirations. Deep within that forest is a pool, fed by an underground stream. When the ripples on the pool die down, it reflects the sky in silent contemplation. Meditation is the key to this silent pool within our hearts. Om Shanti.

Led by Mike Rutter. Starts 7.30 pm. All welcome.