Friday 27 July – Earth Spirit Circle: Lughnasadh / Lammas

Join us for our informal gathering to celebrate Lughnasadh/Lammas, the festival of abundance and the harvest of the first fruits, at which we give thanks for the abundance of the earth and reflect on what we are bringing to fruition in our lives. We will celebrate with music, poetry, meditation and more. Please feel free to bring poems, songs, stories, circle dances or other offerings to share with the group. After the circle celebration we will share food.

Led by Laura Dobson. Starts at 7 pm. All welcome.



Sunday 22 July – flower celebration

“Within the heart of the flower, the fountain of beauty
Within the heart of the community, a fire that warms and dances
Within the heart of each of us, a spark of the spirit of life.
Holy, holy, holy.” Amy Zucker Morgenstern

Join us for our annual flower celebration.  Please bring a flower that represents you and the gifts you bring to our community, and receive a different flower to take home with you.

Led by Laura Dobson. Starts 10.30 am. All welcome.

CUC flower communion

Sunday 8 July – Contemplation

“I believe that learning to do compassionate acts from a contemplative foundation is the greatest art form.” Father Richard Rohr

How do we achieve a contemplative state? Are there necessary conditions or can it arise naturally? How is action linked to contemplation and are there any health benefits to it?

Join us as Angela Cooper leads our explorations. Starts 10.30 am. All welcome.


Tuesday 3 July – the pool in the forest meditation

If the outer world overwhelms us, we can always withdraw to our own inner world, the forest of our thoughts, feelings, and inspirations. Deep within that forest is a pool, fed by an underground stream. When the ripples on the pool die down, it reflects the sky in silent contemplation. Meditation is the key to this silent pool within our hearts. Om Shanti.

Led by Mike Rutter. Starts 7.30 pm. All welcome.