Saturday 5 October, 3 – 4.30 pm: Unitarians: where did we come from?

A series of three talks by Mike Rutter: a gentle overview of the origins of Unitarian theological ideas in the period of the Reformation in 16th and 17th Century Europe. We shall look at the impact of the Renaissance on the European-wide awakening of religious thought after Luther, and also at the role of Isaac Newton and his ideas in giving rise to the modern world. The tone will be popular rather than academic, concerned with understanding the way beliefs developed rather than with a detailed chronology. No previous knowledge of Unitarianism is required.

Each meeting will include a 30 – 40 minutes talk, followed by a break for refreshments and then a general discussion period.

October 5th: ROUTES AND BRANCHES – our tortuous paths from the Reformation, via Michael Servetus, to the Edict of Torda.

All welcome.

142px-Michael_Servetus 150px-Sir_Isaac_Newton_(1643-1727)