Wednesday 25 December, 10.30 – 11.30 am: Christmas Day

“Christmas reveals that heaven is not another place but this place clearly seen. God is already inscribed in nature, the very DNA of each one of us. Love, from the beginning, with its necessary suffering and death, is the very physical structure of an inexorably evolving universe. It is important, therefore, to remember, in this graced perception, that nothing is changed, adjusted. God’s first creation needs no correction. At Incarnation nothing new is added. Nothing – except the sublime new meaning of the familiar, the infinite depth of all that already is. We now know that God has always been the shape and substance of everything. Only the light has changed.” Daniel O’Leary

Join us to celebrate Christmas Day, season of hope, goodwill and fellowship, when we honour the Christ light in everyone.

Led by Laura Dobson. All welcome.