Community projects

Our members are involved in a variety of projects in the local community and we also support various charities. These include:

Barlow Moor Community Association

Barlow Moor Community Centre sits at the heart of the community offering services and activities that support individuals and groups reach their full potential.

Chorlton and Didsbury Food Bank

Chorlton and Didsbury Food Bank provides three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to us in crisis. We are part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

Care UK Refugee Aid Chorlton

Refugee Aid Chorlton are affiliated to Care UK. We are people and groups directly reaching out to refugees in Syria and Greece through material and financial donations.

Big Breakfast Old Trafford

The Big Breakfast brings people together to enjoy good food, share stories and raise money on a pay-as-you-feel basis for the Destitution Project a partnership between St Brides and The Red Cross. The Big Breakfast takes place once a month, on the second Saturday 9am-12noon, at St Brides Church in Old Trafford, Manchester. We eat. We Share. We give. Come join us.

Send a Child to Hucklow

“Send a Child to Hucklow” Fund is a Trust to arrange and administer holidays at the Unitarian Holiday Centre, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire in the United Kingdom for groups of disadvantaged children, having no regard to religious, political, racial and other considerations.