Tuesday 21 January, 7.30 – 8.30 pm: Meditation and Mindfulness

In these turbulent times we often seek a means of coming to ourselves, of revealing the natural harmony between our body, thoughts, feelings, and spirit. In this meeting we shall try some simple methods of mindfully observing our inner world and returning to our innate wisdom, so that we can go back to the outer world and act for the good of all.
No previous experience of meditation required.
Led by Mike Rutter. All welcome.


Sunday 12 January, 10.30 – 11.30 am: Lamps for the soul

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” (Psalm 119)
This image is lost to us in a modern world which spills light pollution. A trip to a deep underground cavern or remote landscapes where the light literally goes off recalls the reality of ancient nights full of fear and uncertainty and menacing threats, and the joy of meeting a light bearer. Similarly the images of green pastures and still waters in a hot desert land carried strong resonances unnoticed by us.
These thoughts will be explored in the service which reflects on happiness and success.
You would be very welcome.
Led by Tom Grimshaw.


Wednesday 25 December, 10.30 – 11.30 am: Christmas Day

“Christmas reveals that heaven is not another place but this place clearly seen. God is already inscribed in nature, the very DNA of each one of us. Love, from the beginning, with its necessary suffering and death, is the very physical structure of an inexorably evolving universe. It is important, therefore, to remember, in this graced perception, that nothing is changed, adjusted. God’s first creation needs no correction. At Incarnation nothing new is added. Nothing – except the sublime new meaning of the familiar, the infinite depth of all that already is. We now know that God has always been the shape and substance of everything. Only the light has changed.” Daniel O’Leary

Join us to celebrate Christmas Day, season of hope, goodwill and fellowship, when we honour the Christ light in everyone.

Led by Laura Dobson. All welcome.



Sunday 22 December, 10.30 – 11.30 am: Winter Solstice

Underneath the Christian or the Pagan celebrations at this time of year, lies astronomy and the position of this planet in space, whatever that is. This service will reflect on the astronomical mysteries which we perceive as seasons, a time to ponder who we are and where we are.
Led by Hilary Bichovsky. All welcome.



Friday 20 December, 7 – 8.30 pm: Earth Spirit Circle – Yule / Winter Solstice

Join our informal gathering to celebrate Yule, the festival of reflection and renewal. At this time we pause and listen to our inner wisdom in the stillness, becoming aware of the seeds of our future growth waiting for birth. We welcome the rebirth of the sun at the winter solstice, seeking renewal in our lives by honouring the darkness and the return of the light within.

This year our celebration will have a heathen flavour. We will work with the seasonal energies through meditating, singing, chanting and sharing our insights.
Please feel free to bring poems, songs, stories or other offerings to share with the group.

After the circle celebration we will share seasonal food.
Led by Laura Dobson and Martin Singer. All welcome.

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