Child Blessings

Unitarians view all life as sacred, and when a new life comes into the world it is a cause for great celebration. Many people feel that a ceremony of some sort is appropriate, but feel uncomfortable with the traditional ‘christening’ service.  We are able to provide inter-faith ceremonies and ceremonies incorporating different cultural elements.

Unitarians believe that every person should be free to make their own choices about religion and so our ceremonies do not make promises on a child’s behalf. Instead, our ceremonies are about welcoming and blessing a new arrival to your family. We do not view such ceremonies as making a child a member of our church, but instead as a way of welcoming your child into your family, community, and into the wider human community of which we are all a part. We value the commitment by the community as well as the parents to offer the child love and support.

We will work with your family to create a service that is meaningful for you, whether it is a baptism, baby naming, blessing or welcoming ceremony. You can have as much input into the service as desired, and we can provide you with a range of readings and blessings if required.

Our building seats up to seventy guests.

Please contact our Community Leader to discuss your service.

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