Think of yourself as spiritual but not necessarily religious?

Chorlton Unitarians is a community of spiritual explorers – we come together to seek truth, meaning, love and deep connection.

We have no creed and believe everyone has the right to seek the truth for themselves, using reason and experience, in dialogue with others.

We share wisdom from a variety of spiritual traditions, welcoming people of all faiths and none.

We are an inclusive and diverse community, welcoming LGBT+.  We are licensed to perform both same sex marriages and marriages between a man and a woman.  Please see our rites of passage page for further details.

We share values based on the oneness of humanity:

Each person is important
Be kind in all you do
We are free to learn together
We search for what is true
All people need a voice
Build a fair and peaceful world
We care for the earth

We meet every Sunday at 10.30 am at Chorlton Unitarian Church, on Wilbraham Road, M21 9LB.

Our gatherings usually last for around an hour. Afterwards, we enjoy a chat over tea, coffee and biscuits.

Sunday gatherings usually include several songs, readings, one or two periods of prayer/reflection and meditation, music, and an address from the leader. Please see our events page for details of this week’s theme. We take a collection, but there is no obligation to donate.

We also have a programme of alternative spiritual gatherings on Tuesday and Friday evenings, including a variety of meditations and discussion groups, a monthly Taize-style gathering, and an Earth Spirit Circle who meet eight times a year to celebrate the wheel of the year.  Please see our events page or our Meetup group for details of our events.

To watch a Sunday gathering at Chorlton Unitarians please click here – recorded on Sunday 30 October 2016 by UKUnitarianTV

To read our Lay Minister’s blog please click here

All are welcome here

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